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Data centers

A datacenter in the Spearhead Cloud is also an API endpoint which you can manage via the Spearhead Cloud Tools.

As of March 2018 the ro-1 datacenter is active. Please note that you should download the latest cacert.pem from and export export CURL_CA_BUNDLE=~/Downloads/cacert.pem when using spearhead-compose commands.

Here is our list of public datacenters.


Located in Bucharest, Romania.

  • CloudAPI endpoint:
  • Docker endpoint:


Located in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  • CloudAPI endpoint:


Located in Timisoara, Romania.

  • CloudAPI endpoint:


Located in Chisinau, Moldova.

  • CloudAPI endpoint:


Located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • CloudAPI endpoint:

Spearhead CNS

  • Public interfaces:
  • Private interfaces: tbd.

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